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Bridging the Gap

Big thanks to the advent of technologies and internet because it brings OFW families closer. New generation of OFW families are now filling in the gap through connecting with social media, messaging applications and travels. These opportunities provide our OFWs to see, chat and spend time with their love ones despite of the distance. Messenger chat every few minutes. Video messages every day.

Gone are the days when you have to wait for weeks or months to receive the overdue Christmas cards and birthday photos from your family back home.

Now the communication is instant and faster as long as there’s internet connection.

Filled with excitement! It's their first time traveling together abroad.

Though despite of these available instant communication tools, there’s still a gap - the longing to hug and to be physically close with your love ones. There are times when you simply wish you can embrace your kids and spend some ‘kulitan’ times with them, right?

We, at Cash&Miles Travel and Tours, understand the longing of parents for their children who are miles away apart. We believe that regardless of the circumstances, which OFW parents are compelled to take, it should not stop them from trying the possible opportunities to create happy memories with their children.

Hong Kong trip is not complete without a visit to Disneyland!

For this reason, we would like to offer to all OFW Nanays, OFW Mommies or OFW Mamas the opportunity to bond with their kids and create many memorable moments together. And of course, the best way of banking incredible family moments is through travel. Nothing beats this for sure!

Our OFW Mommy from Dubai, Ms. Renelyn, a single mom who remarkably raising her two kids alone, wishes nothing every day but to spend time with her children who are left in Pinas. Being the sole provider, funds are quite tight though she has always the desire to explore new places with her children.

The famous The Ruins of St. Paul in Macau with our lovely family.

So last 2017, she started planning their Hong Kong and Macau trip. Every month she paid certain amount to cover their hotel accommodation, air tickets and tour packages.

And finally last April 2018, they went to Hong Kong and Macau. We are delighted to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime remarkable family memories.

To our OFW Nanays, OFW Mommies or OFW Mamas, we offer flexible payment plans so you can travel with your kids and spend time together.

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